Are Thursday Boots worth it? Thursday Boots Duke Chelsea Boots Review – 3 months later

If you ever searched for whether Thursday Boots are worth it, you probably either read something on this site or have seen my personal review. Perhaps you even brought a pair due to one of my reviews. Today, today we are talking about a pair of chelsea boots called Duke in Modern Tobacco.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review standing

My big problem with reviews is that we live in a world where everything is rushed. We want to make reviews as quickly as possible to either get paid as quickly as possible, or to get the most views possible, and that often results in reviews that don’t paint the whole picture. And that’s just not good enough. Especially if you can only afford one pair of boots. Especially if you travel all over the planet like me, and can only bring 1 pair of boots at a time. These are the Thursday Boots Duke chelsea boots, and these have been tested for over 3 months prior to making this review, being tested in countries like Sweden, Canada, the UK, and Ireland.

The Thursday Boots Captain Natural that we previously tested? We tested whether they are worth it for a year, putting them through all kinds of conditions, walking with them every single day for the first 5 months, putting them into a river, walking and running through mountains, in snow and rain, and even though they had some flaws, they survived, and that’s what a perfect pair of boots does. It survives everything you put it through.

Are Thursday Boots worth it
Captain Natural Boots

The Captain Natural boots survived, but there was one flaw in that story. The fact that you can lucky with one pair of boots. What about a different type of leather? What about a different type of a boot? That’s what this Thursday Boots Duke review is for. To see whether the Thursday Boot company got lucky, or whether Thursday Boots are worth it, indeed.

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The Question of Are Thursday Boots Worth It Starts with the Grip

Slips and falls account for over 1 million hospital visits per year, in the US alone. That’s around 1 in every 300 people that will end up in hospital. If you consider that the big portion of the US does not get cold temperatures, you could say that it’s around 1 in every 200 people that will end up in hospital.

The average hospital cost of a slip and fall in the US? Over $30,000 which is crazy. Perhaps your insurance will cover that, but what about any events in the future? You will be paying a lot more. P.S. If you live in Europe, that cost is much lower.

Are Thursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review sole grip

Recently, while in Sweden, I was walking to a football pitch, and there was ice before I even had the chance to react I was already on laying on the ice. I really was not far from hitting the ice with my head. And that could have ended very badly.


That’s why having a good grip is so important. I don’t want boots that look good, I don’t want boots that I can model with on Instagram, I want boots that can survive the conditions I am in, regardless of the conditions. Of course, I also want the boot to look good, but most importantly, it needs to perform, and these Thursday Boots Duke perform.

I have a pair of Sperry boots that cost more than this pair. And those look pretty great, but as far as grip goes, that grip offers very minimum protection against slipping. It’s great if a boot looks good, but if it doesn’t protect you from slipping, that’s not good enough.

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Sperry Boots

These Duke boots share the same rubber sole as the Captain Natural boots. The grip that held up so well on that pair of boots, looking pretty much unused after usage that people don’t put boots through, within years of usage. And that talks about the quality of these. There’s a lot of rubber grip boots and shoes that erode within weeks of usage.

Thursday boots one year later sole
The grip on the Captain Natural boots, after 1 year of intense usage.

But it’s not just about a grip that lasts, but about the grip preventing you from slipping.

And that’s where this grip stands out.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review snow

Whether you walk in the snow, on stairs or hills, you will be fine.

And that’s not just something I would say if it wasn’t true. The grip on these is fantastic.

Don’t get me wrong, the grip on these still isn’t perfect for everything, as while it’s fine in cold Montreal weather, it cannot handle ice that well. Especially on hills. And melting ice is even worse. Small Lisbon tiles are also a problem when it’s raining, somehow.

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With that said, not many boots can handle ice in the first place. Do stay tuned for our review of the Thursday Boots Explorer which is a Thursday Boot that’s different to all the Thursday Boots ever released, and that comes with a different type of a grip, a grip meant for those colder slippery environments. Coming at the end of March.

Thursday Boots Are Known for Keeping You Dry

There’s a bunch of things that can ruin your day, but as far as the things that you wear, it’s either your clothing ripping or getting wet.

And Thursday Boots are insanely good at keeping you dry.

Whether it’s their suede or leather, Thursday Boots will keep you dry.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review snow

That has everything to do with the quality of materials used, the construction used, and technology. But we are not going to get into specifics here as we are about showing rather than talking about specifics.

But while we put the Captain Natural boots into a river, we didn’t do that with these…

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review standing

For one reason. There’s a hole on the top of these which water can go through. And pretty easily.

That’s not the fault of Thursday Boots though. That’s just what happens when you have chelsea boots. So while these are great at keeping you dry against snow or rain, and are designed to handle it to a point that water will not ruin them, which isn’t the case with a lot of boots, they aren’t great against a large amount of water hitting you from the top, at the same time.

I was in Lisbon near a river that behaves like a sea and has waves. One of the waves hit me and drenched inside of the boot. Not a great feeling. That’s just an issue with chelsea boots though.

What’s even more impressive about Thursday Boots than the fact they can stay dry is that in the long-term, that effectiveness doesn’t get lower. I did have boots and shoes that did keep me dry at first. But 2 months later, that wasn’t the case. Quality boots will keep you dry in the long-term, and these do.


If You Are Looking for a Pair of Chelsea Boots That Can Do What Other Chelsea Boots Can’t, Make Sure Not to Get the Modern Tobacco Color!

The reason people trust me, or us, is because I always tell it how it is.

This modern tobacco leather is not worth your money.

It looks great, but if you are going just for one pair of boots that will perform in all kinds of situations, the Modern Tobacco leather just won’t do that. The Duke boots overall are great, but this type of rugged leather that feels somewhat between suede and leather just isn’t good enough. Not good enough considering the quality that Thursday Boots offer.

Considering most boots aren’t able to handle water that well in the first place, this isn’t even a big problem, but that wave that hit me in Lisbon, it did also give me a stain that I cannot get rid of.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke before water
Moments before the wave hit me.

The problem with this leather is that it cannot survive water that much. Or rather, it can survive water, just not water with certain particles, like salt, and that means that the Modern Tobacco leather boots aren’t boots for everything, like the other Thursday Boots. In fact, considering you never know what situation you are going to be in, it makes these boots more suited for dry environments.

Are Thursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke after water
These stains are still there.

If you are paying $199 for a pair of boots, this type of stain is just not good enough. Not for me to recommend these, as at the end of the day, you still want your boots to look great, and that stain, it does destroy on the appearance of these.

And if there’s one thing I learned in life, it’s to never wear something that isn’t able to handle your day.

Speaking of stains, this Modern Tobacco does require a lot of maintenance. I got away with minimal cleaning with the Captain Natural boots, but with this Modern Tobacco, you just need to clean them every so often, as they do get dirty pretty easily.

I did test them out in a pub though. Somebody spilled alcohol on me, as they do, and, the boot was perfectly fine, so it does get my approval for taking out to a pub if you want to look great. And that’s perhaps what this type of leather is better for. For going out and looking great, rather than adventures.

The Most Convenient, Smell Free, and Comfortable Boots I Ever Had!

Having a boot that you won’t slip in is important. Having a boot that will keep you dry is important. But ultimately, you also want to be comfortable when you wear them, and these deliver on that. You can walk in these all day, and you will be fine.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday b

Thursday Boots as a brand offer the most comfortable boots I ever tried. This has to do with the leather lining and insole inside their boots. Something that wasn’t present in the Sperry boots.

The Duke did give me a blister when wearing at first though. This wasn’t the case with the Captain Natural boots, but personally, for me, it’s the case with all the boots I rock.

The Captain Natural? It never game be a blister. The Duke? It did. A perfectly circular blister. The Sperry boots? Two blisters. Blisters that bled so much that the blood went through the socks and also stained the material of the boot. Blisters are one of those things that happen to me a lot.

But these are also the most convenient and comfortable Thursday Boots but overall boots I ever tried, overall as a brand, but this model is even more comfortable than the Captain Natural boots due to the fact that chelsea boots which don’t have the laces that I found annoying on the Captain Natural boots, but are also extremely fast to put on and off. And that adds to the comfort. Especially at the airport.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review snow


Are Thursday Boots Thursday Boots Worth It as Far as Going to Your Friends?

Imagine you are going to a friends party or such. It’s a home where you don’t wear shoes inside. You take off your boots.

And that’s where one of the biggest problems I had with Thursday Boots, regardless of the model, emerges.

Black stains on socks.

You can be the most stylish man in the room, but the second you take these boots off, you can be seen as somebody that doesn’t change their socks daily. That’s how it looks.

And this was the case with all kinds of socks I tried. With that said, I did not try socks from Thursday Boots, perhaps they don’t get stains on them. But even if they don’t, that’s not good enough as I don’t want to wear socks form just one company.

Temperature is Not a Problem

This is where the quality of leather really matters. Without the right thickness and construction, that cold will penetrate through, and cause you to be cold. Top of toes is a problem, especially.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday b

Not with these. The fact water doesn’t get in for sure helps a ton, but the thickness of leather along with the leather lining inside does a great job at keeping you neither too cold nor too warm.

And if you are on the colder side, you can always put an extra pair of socks.

Are Thursday Boots Worth It?

Perfect? No. They have their flaws, but this type of leather is the major problem with these. Solution? Don’t get them in Modern Tobacco. These Duke boots, if not in Modern Tobacco, they are the best chelsea boots I ever tried because they are the most comfortable, keep you dry, and will prevent you from slipping. All while being durable. Regardless of the condition.

And ultimately, that’s all you could want from a boot.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday bo

Are you looking for a boot that’s even more stylish than the Duke boots are? Make sure to stay tuned for our review of the Jodhpur boots so!

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