Is TicWatch Pro Worth it? TicWatch Pro Review

A watch is only as smart as how you use it, but it’s also only smart until it dies, and well, that’s the problem with smartwatches that makes people wonder are they worth it. Is the TicWatch Pro worth it?

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it smaller size

I like to look at the TicWatch brand as the OnePlus of phones. Premium features at budget prices. The TicWatch Pro is $100 cheaper than the new Galaxy watch for instance. But is the TicWatch Pro worth it though? Or should pay that $100 more for a smartwatch?

Smartwatches Are Only Smart Until They Die and Mobvoi Did Something Incredible with the Ticwatch Pro… Kind Of.

This watch comes with a dual layer screen. One is an LCD, and one is an AMOLED.  What does that mean, it means that you can extend your battery life up to 30 days, ultimately solving the battery life issue, right?


The LCD screen is like a screen of a typical electronic watch. You can turn the Essential Mode for it to be on, or otherwise, have it on when you aren’t directly using the watch.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it LCD screen

If you go into the essential mode, your OLED screen will be turned off, and your watch will essentially last up to 30 days. Does it work? Well, if you think I’m going to use a smartwatch that’s meant to be “smart” to test this out for 30 days, you are on the wrong site, my friends!

It’s a great feature that can help if you forget to charge your watch and still need a watch or wasn’t able to charge and just need to tell time, but once it’s on, you are limited on functionality making the smartwatch not so smart, making you question is the Ticwath Pro worth it.  

At the same time, I do like the feature. I just don’t think it’s practical enough. If the watch retained more features while this mode was on, I would for sure find it more useful.

The LCD screen is great for use in the sun though. More on that later though.

Everyone Wants Good Battery Life

Essential Mode involving the LCD does work. 30 days? I’m not sure, but either way, it does extend battery life tremendously.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it battery life

But what about the battery itself when using the watch?

I watched reviews on this watch, and I didn’t get my hopes up.

And at first, I wasn’t too impressed either.

But then, well then I decided to test it out on a flight to Europe from Asia. Oh, and then the flight got delayed by 9 hours. I ended up flying the next morning on a different flight. I started with 100% on the 17th of October at 6 AM, and I was at 9% at 2.53 PM on the 19th. More than 2 days later.  With medium usage, It’s actually not bad at all, and in fact, I was pretty impressed with this test, as if the watch was to fail, there was always that Essential Mode to help.

I don’t know anything about you, but I do know that if I’m getting a smartwatch, it’s for it to make my life better, and the battery better last. TicWatch Pro can last over 2 days with medium use, and about a full day or so when you use it to its full potential like I do, basically meaning you have to charge it every night. Something you should do with any smartwatch.

Mobvoi Mastered the Design Aspect of the Ticwatch Pro

I love this watch in terms of aesthetics. It looks incredible.

Somebody stated in one of the reviews on this watch that they don’t know who the watch is for. Em, okay. That’s easy. It’s for people that want to look good, but that also care about their health.

If you are going to get a watch that looks like it’s designed fully for fitness, get a fitness tracker. These are still miles ahead of smartwatches. And fitness trackers should only be worn during fitness as they don’t look great. This is a watch that looks great for normal use, even with a blazer, and that you can still workout with.

And I especially love the leather strap that consists of leather on one side, and silicone on the other. That allows you to look good while being able to use this watch for workouts.

I especially love the leather/silicon band in these. It looks fantastic and is great for workouts. You got class designed for everything. It’s such a nicer band than on the new Galaxy Watch.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it comparisson to galaxy watch

And well, I read a review about somebody that didn’t know who the watch is designed for, whether for business or fitness, and it’s simple, it’s designed for people that love to look good and that also workout.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it design

Smartwatches, as it is, can rarely compete with standard watches in terms of design, but this watch is the closest to that yet.

But There Is Something Missing Too

If you are asking if the TicWatch Pro is worth it, so far it would seem so, right? But every product has a flaw, and we are about to get into some of the flaws of this products.

This watch can be put 1.5 meters of water meaning that it’s also obviously great in the shower or rain. Great. Until, well, until you try to use it in the rain or shower. Touchscreen obviously isn’t a solution for that. Apple has its digital crown. Samsung has its rotatable bezel. TicWatch Pro? Em, it only has the two physical buttons.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it

And that makes the operation of this device impossible when in wet terrains.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it raining

Wet screens just aren’t usable.

Is the TicWatch Pro Worth It in Terms of Features?

The features a smartwatch comes with is what makes it smart, and well, this is a device powered by Wear OS. And apart from the fact that some Wear OS devices don’t have a heart rate sensor and this does, most Wear OS devices are pretty similar.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it walking

One of the advantages of this system is that it comes with more apps than on Samsung and ultimately it’s the apps that make the device worth it or not. What you use to make your life better. That’s what matters.

I personally love having Google Keep set to open when I press the lower button. It’s great for quick notes when a phone is not convenient. I also love the Mr. TIME app that lets me make a fully custom watch face. If I want to be all cute and have a picture of my girlfriend as my face, I can.

And it’s apps like WhatsApp or App in the Air that really make a smartwatch worth it. But apps? What apps make a smartwatch worth it, that will depend on who you are. The Ticwatch will just have a lot more than the Samsung watches.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it screen

But Wear OS is also quite annoying at times. The new update made it a lot better, but there’s a lot more space for improvement. For instance, Google Assistant should work offline. Of course, a lot of tasks require internet but things like taking notes or opening apps, you should be able to do that offline.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it google assistant

And the fact you can’t use Spotify offline, just like on other platforms, it’s annoying, as how is a smartwatch meant to replace a phone for workouts if you need a phone to listen to music…

Is the Screen Good?

Specs wise this is 400 x400, and that is comparable to other watches, but when I tested this watch near the Galaxy Watch, it was pretty clear that this watch does not compare when it comes to sharpness nor brightness. And especially brightness. And that brightness has a massive impact, especially in the sun. The TicWatch has decent brightness, but it’s not great enough for sunny days.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth compared to galaxy

Luckily the electronic display is bright and makes up for it.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch though, the Galaxy Watch is twice as bright, which isn’t exactly reflected in our images as we couldn’t take the Galaxy Watch in the store for a test, but we guess you’ll just have to take our word for it.

The TicWatch Pro has a slightly bigger screen though. 1.39” vs. 1.3″.  And when it comes to such small sizes, that makes a massive difference in terms of ease of use.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it screen

But is Fast?

Ultimately, when asking is the TicWatch Pro worth it, speed matters. And so far you probably noticed that we don’t talk about specs, and well we don’t because stuff on paper isn’t reality.

This watch? It’s not as fast compared to the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, but it’s not bad at all. It’s pretty good.

Frankly, I don’t get how a smartwatch can be called slow by certain reviewers just because a different watch that costs $100 more is faster. Galaxy is a lot more smooth for sure. TicWatch? It does sometimes require a few seconds of wait time for apps to open, and does lag a lot in warmer temperatures. But a lot of problems come from the Wear OS.

This is not the fastest watch, but it’s not slow to a point where you get annoyed.

The question is are you looking for a watch that is at a great price and does everything you need it to do, or are you looking for the best there is.

Is the TicWatch Pro worth it?

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it walking

I fell in love with the design. It looks fantastic. The screen is big. And the battery life is good enough. And if you do want to use Essential Mode, it’s there.  And it does help. Is the TicWatch Pro worth it? For the price? Absolutely. You can get it for $249.99. A watch that isn’t the best but that will be the best for most, as you won’t be disappointed with it.

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