Top 5 Cities to Visit in 2019

We review and write about things that help while traveling all over the planet making us one of the unique sites as far as reviews go. We can make reviews with pictures in South Korea, Portugal, and Canada in the space of a month. We don’t know a site that can do that. But since we travel, we also do write about travel as we have more experience than most. In this instance, we are sharing our top 5 cities to visit in 2019.

All of the pictures in these posts were taken by someone on our team. All of these places have been explored by being in them by more than a week and in some cases almost a month. The problem with posts like this on the internet is that “Top 5 cities to visit in 2019” posts are mostly done by ghostwriters that have never explored but merely copy other articles that were also most likely ghostwritten resulting in a bunch of content that does not show what is actually worth it.

That’s why we are helping you. We don’t just write. We actually explore.

But a spoiler alert. These cities, we loved these, but overall it’s not about where you go, it’s about the experiences and people you meet that matters. That’s the important thing!

Seoul, South Korea

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019

Right away, we will get to the point. Seoul is our top favorite location to visit. It’s just incredible.

Now, it’s not for everyone as it is expensive, but if you have the money, this is a must. And if you don’t, well, we will be sharing some tips about traveling on a budget soon.

Think of Seoul as this modern city far more advanced than the likes of New York with traffic being organized much better, being extremely clean, but also with its Asian culture and streets. The second we arrived,I fell in love.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 night seoul

Even libraries look great in Seoul.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 seoul

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 shouldn’t be about the most popular cities on the planet, no. If you want to visit the most popular cities on the planet, go to a different article, but if you are looking for an experience, this is the post for you. And Seoul is a must.

Either I’m not a good enough writer to describe Seoul or it’s just not something that can be described in words.

The blend of culture + modern combined with clean makes this city an experience that you won’t find in Europe or North America.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019

Our team was there for 3 weeks, and even 3 weeks after, we were not bored. Whether it’s Korean BBQ which is incredible not because of its taste but because how people go out at night and spend time together, whether the Olympic village from the 1988 Olympics or a temple.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 seoul olympic park

We especially love how accessible everything is in Seoul with the metro system being superb and one of the longest metro systems in the world. And the bus systems are great too. And yes, they do also have some Asian markets although you can’t exactly negotiate there as you would in the likes of Bangkok in Thailand or somewhere in China.

One of the experiences we would recommend is the Samsung D’light even if you are not a fan of Samsung. It’s free, and it is the best free experience we ever got. Think of it as an amusement park of technology + a museum. Look at smart fridges or washing machines, check out new Samsung devices, or play games on very realistic simulators.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 seoul car

Oh, and, yes, they have a VR rollercoaster with this special chair that moves. When asked to put a seatbelt on, I did not know what to expect so I didn’t have it tightened. And damn, I wish I had. It was incredible.

We did also get access to Everland which is an amusement park just outside of Seoul that normally costs around €50 but we are honest, and while it gets 4.4 stars out of five based on 17,000, we cannot recommend it. It looks great but it’s a waste of money. When we went there, a wait for the rollercoaster was estimated at 180 minutes. We ended up going on just one ride before leaving. Money to value wise, the value does not exist. We would love to recommend it but there are just too many people there. We actually recommend getting a VR ride in the Samsung D’light place instead. It’s free, and you can enjoy yourself without waiting for 3 hours.

Oh, and the Samsung place also has some interesting apps involving cameras. Spoiler alert. They end up being displayed on a big screen. We didn’t know prior.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 seoul samsung dlight

We could start listing everything to do, but Seoul is one of those places you would need to read a book on if you wanted to know everything there is to do there. Just go. And explore. You might even end up wanting to live there.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 night seoul people

If you are looking for the top 5 cities to visit in 2019, Seoul is our favorite one.

Montreal, Canada

It’s like Canada with a bunch of US relatives had a baby with France. That’s what Montreal is.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 montreal

Ugly American buses, plenty of French architecture, and well, a French culture including a lot of croissants.

I like some heat, but I much more prefer constant snow and Montreal is a city for that, after all, it is known for its fur trade.  -14°C or 6.8°F was the temperature I had in Montreal when visiting in November. Damn cold. Also very very cozy. If you are looking for the top 5 cities in 2019 and want a city that’s cold, Montreal will not disappoint you!

Top 5 Cities to Visit in 2019

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 should offer a variety of everything, and every city on this list will vary drastically as far as experiences go.

Whether it’s the historic museums relating to Montreal or things like the Barbie expo which is actually free to visit and consists of thousands of dolls.

What we loved in Montreal especially was this light show called AURA held in the Notre-Dame Basilica which looks a lot like the Paris one from outside. It’s a show consisting of music and lighting on the ceiling of the Basilica, and it’s incredible. Like truly incredible. Even though we attended as press we weren’t able to take pictures so instead here’s a link to a YouTube video.

Montreal is also a hockey city. Not a lot of cities you will visit will be. That’s why if you are around, go to a Montreal Canadiens game for sure! It’s not that expensive and well, if you don’t watch hockey, it’s quite the experience!

Montreal isn’t as big as Seoul and we weren’t there for 3 weeks but did spend over a week there and also were not bored.  Oh, and it’s French-speaking.

Mount Royal is a mountain worth visiting too. You can walk it up or get a bus, but we strongly recommend walking for the experience, if you have the right boots. Perhaps check out our Thursday Boots review for that. On top, there’s an incredible view of the city worth seeing.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019

If you think that you can’t afford a trip for a week or more, if you have a home, you can. We have been using a service called GuestToGuest which recently changed its name to HomeExchange. HomeExchange is a tool I personally use on most of my trips. The great thing about it is that the home you are staying in, that person doesn’t have to stay in your home. And that allows for far more exchanges than otherwise. If you let someone stay in your home, you get paid points, and then you can use those points on other homes. It’s a fantastic system that allows people that want to travel, travel cheaply.

Paris, France

This is probably a city to visit near the end of 2019 due to the protests going on now.

I’ll be honest. I never wanted to visit France initially. But when I did, I fell in love with the vibes of it. Not necessarily all the people, especially not the workers at the Eiffel Tower nor the metro which is ridiculously badly organized and always overpacked, but nevertheless there’s something to this city.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 paris

You can look at pictures of over-edited beaches and tropical islands that don’t look that nice in real life, or you can go to Paris where what you see is pretty much what you get.

Mona Lisa. The Eiffel Tower. Museums. Food. The Arc.

If you are in a relationship and looking for a city to visit, Paris is the one. Any place works as a date in Paris, and it doesn’t get any better as far as date atmosphere goes. Even just walking.

I met my girlfriend in Paris and on our second date, we just walked around for hours. Paris just looks so incredibly well at night and during the day.

I actually got my home in Paris with HomeExchange where instead of paying €300 per night for a week, I only paid insurance money which was under €60.

Stockholm, Sweden

There’s not a lot of cities on the planet that you consider the metro of, a tourist attraction. In Stockholm you do.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 stockholm metro

Whether underground or outside, Stockholm is an incredible city that I luckily get to visit a lot! Sweden was one of these locations that made me realize that there is a lot more to the planet than the US.

Stockholm is a city built on many islands connected by bridges, and that means a lot of great views. If you are looking for a healthy city, Stockholm is most likely the most healthy city on this list competing with Seoul. It’s where you will most likely find the most vegan restaurants and even when not, most of the food in Stockholm is much healthier than in most areas. But it also costs, just like Sweden overall.

The thing I love about Stockholm is that in summer it practically never gets dark meaning you can sit out with a beer and chat all night. Sure, it does go dark for a while, but it’s never fully dark. The second it starts getting dark it starts getting bright.

Once again, the top 5 cities to visit in 2019 is about unique experiences, and Stockholm has a few that you must visit!

Firstly the ABBA museum. If you love the history of music, the ABBA museum is an incredible experience where you will find just about everything relating to ABBA that you want to know or didn’t know prior. Whether it’s the costumes, props used in video shoots, awards, or equipment, ABBA museum has it all. I frankly was not aware that it would be such a great experience.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019

My favorite place to visit in Stockholm is Fotografiska though which is a museum of photography in Stockholm. You might think you know how to take an image or that your images are great, but the second you go in there you will realize you still have a long way to go. Fotografiska offers an incredible variety of images that are shown mostly in a form of storytelling.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 stockholm fotografiska

You don’t even need to be into photography to appreciate the images in Fotografiska.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 montreal a

If you love gaming, Stockholms Spelmuseum is a great option for you. I’m not a big gamer, but I do enjoy certain games from time to time. And this museum, it’s a pretty much a big archive of gaming consoles & tools that still work and that you can play on. If you are looking for something that will be fun to do but doesn’t cost much, this is it for sure.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 spel museum sweden

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city our teams visit every November due to Web Summit taking place there. If you have the money for this conference, go for sure. Web Summit will change your life. It’s a conference that will help you do more.

If you are looking for a warmer country to visit, Lisbon is still relatively warm even in November, and depending on where you live, perhaps that’s exactly why you should visit it. Bad weather can make people feel depressed. A little trip to some blue skies always helps.

It’s also an incredibly cheap city and the cheapest on the list so if you are on a budget. It’s a worthy place to visit. If you enjoy the architecture of the place and want to bring it home, nu-lite services are the experts who will ensure that your demands are met when it comes to intricate outdoor decorations. They will ensure that your ideas are incorporated while providing relevant contemporary touch to it that is the perfect addition to your home.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 lisbon a

Pastel de Nata is a very known pastry invented in Lisbon with the original place still serving them. The city has an incredible river walk, although the river may as well be the sea as it acts as a sea. We always recommend going on a sunset tour held by Tag Cruises which was one of our favorite experiences ever. A small group of people. Incredible views of the city and of the bridges. Warm enough weather to do it at all times. If there’s any city to do it in, Lisbon is the one.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 lisbon a

Oh, and if you love art, vintage, and music, LX Factory offers all of that. It’s a great place to take pictures or to buy unique styled clothing. It’s also an incredible place to go to if you love to party with incredible people. Oh, and yes, there’s even a barber called The Barber Factory that does incredible haircuts, and that has a bar inside. It makes most barber places look poor.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 Lisbon

Of course, Lisbon is also known for its trams, and you will get to see plenty of them, and yes, they even work.

Top 5 Cities to Visit in 2019

There’s a lot of great cities on this planet. Some of which we didn’t get to visit yet,  but these are our top 5 cities to visit in 2019, although we visited many other great cities too.

Will you visit one of these? Stay tuned for content about how to save money while traveling. And if not, we will be making a guide about smaller cities that most people don’t know about that are still worth visiting in 2019.

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