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Toronto, Ontario.The city that most mistake for the capital of Canada. If you are asking is Toronto worth a visit, we think that every trip is an experience. With that said we are hoping that this Toronto guide will show you a glimpse of what Toronto has to offer so that you can decide for yourself, with some tips around cheapest flights, staying in Toronto, and some must-have items in Toronto at the end of this post.

Cycle Around the Ontario Lake

You thought we were going to start with the CN tower? Didn’t you?

Frankly, most guides don’t mention cycling around the Ontario Lake as a thing to do because most guides out there are made by people that didn’t actually travel to make these guides. We travel to every place we make a guide about with guides about France and Switzerland coming soon so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for that.

In our humble opinion, the Ontario Lake is the biggest overall attraction of Toronto with the length of 310.6 km which is almost the length of Ireland. It’s a lake but it may as well be a sea because you can’t see the horizon when looking at it.

The lake offers many beautiful parks around it that are full of squirrels, volleyball nets, and many great spots where you can sit down and relax in with some fresh air, which not a lot of people do.

But while it’s great to enjoy the park on foot, we found that cycling around the lake is a very calming experience that we recommend for anyone.

Toronto has a very well built lane system for cyclists making cycling a really fun thing to do, and the cost of bike rental is very low with just $7 for 24-hours with many bike rental schemes spread out along the city.

Our only complaint about the bike rental scheme would be that while you can rent a bike for 24-hours, you need to connect it to a station every 30 minutes. And every time you are late, you get charged $4.

Extending that time to every hour would have been a far more comfortable choice, especially since that while bike lanes are great in Toronto, not every area has bike lanes in a distance that you would desire. We ended up paying $8 extra on each bike we rented because the lane we went on did not have any bike stations, even though it showed that it did on the map in the area. $8 isn’t much as the bikes were great, but it is something to be aware of.

Either way, we did enjoy the cycling experience around the lake and the Toronto city overall with the bikes having lights and storage space for your backpack if needed.

The Rec Room

Whether you are a gamer or not, we don’t know a person that wouldn’t enjoy some arcade when with friends. The Rec Room in Toronto is the most unique place we ever visited for that.

Our issues with most arcade machines out there is that they take way too much money from you and require you to have coins which is never ideal. In The Rec Room, you get a card that you top up with your debit/credit card. Instead of paying $2 per game, you top up the card with a certain amount and you get tokens. We topped our one with $25 and that was enough to enjoy ourselves for a few hours, playing a bunch of multiplayer games as well as singular games.

things to do in toronto

And when you are finished playing games or on a break, you can grab a beer or some lunch while there. They make great burgers!

Hockey Hall of Fame

Whether you follow hockey or not, sports are one of those things with a very well documented history, and the Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the best places to explore that history.

Did you know that Ireland plays hockey? I didn’t and I live there from time to time.

The museum is full of different types of cups both professional and amateur and is home to some hockey “relics” dating back decades along with many interesting hockey games where you can feel like a player.

It’s also home to the Stanley Cup which is one of the 3 out there, with it being the most important cup in hockey.

We spent around 2 and a half hours in there so there’s plenty to read about, watch, play, and look at whether that’s all different types of jerseys or the already earlier mentioned relics.

While There, Eat a Donut at Jelly Modern Doughnuts!

Jelly Modern Doughnuts are in the same building where the Hockey Hall of Fame, and worth a bite. Or rather a few bites.

Plenty of flavors both standard and more creative, that taste absolutely amazing while not breaking the bank with a cost of $9 for 3 donuts.

Our advice? Visit them before the middle of the day because they will more than likely sell out.


CN Tower is an experience that you won’t enjoy as much if you come from a big city versus a small city.

What makes the CN Tower unique is the Edge Walk which allows you to walk around the edges of the tower with a safety line starting at $195. A horrifying experience but for sure an experience worth experiencing.

Toronto Guide

However, if you are on a budget, we don’t feel like CN Tower is a must visit. Sure, we do love looking at things from different angles, but with tickets starting at $38 it might be worth going to a museum that will educate you about Toronto instead.

With that said, it’s a great panoramic place to go to if you want to go on a date with the 360 restaurant being up there.

Guide to Toronto cn tower

Go on a Photoshoot!

There’s a big misconception that sunny weather is the best weather for pictures. If you are looking for sun, Toronto will give you some, but it will give a lot more cloudy weather with plenty of puddles, and that is the best kind of conditions for shooting photos.

If you are a creator, Iceland is a great location for pictures due to landscapes, but when it comes to lighting, Toronto is one of the best out there, especially when you go downtown and get those ad reflections on the puddles.

Eat Some Loaded Pierogi

Pierogi aren’t Canadian. They are Polish. But anyone that has ever tried Polish cuisine knows how amazing it is! Pierogi is the best food on the planet in our humble opinion and seeing a chain of restaurants dedicated just to them in Toronto, that’s our favorite thing about Toronto. And due to this, if you are wondering is Toronto worth a visit from the perspective of food, it is.

They offer a big variety of toppings and every one of their restaurants has a different feel to it with some being more fast-foody looking and some being more proper. Try them out and you won’t be disappointed!

Niagara Falls

This is a guide to Toronto and while Niagra falls is not one of the things to do in Toronto since it’s not in Toronto, it is our recommendation that you pay it a visit as it’s incredible.

Our suggestion is that you stay in the city of Niagra falls itself for a night or two as the city is full of attractions such as water parks, and amazing Niagra Speedway Go Karts which we weren’t aware of until we made it to the city.

If on a budget, try to get a place in Hamilton for the night or two, and then get the GO bus to Niagra Falls.

Going back to Niagara falls itself, the boat tours done from the Canadian border is really worth doing even though it’s $28. Nice breeze!

Getting to Toronto

For many people whether Toronto is worth it will depend on how easy it is to get around Toronto, flights, and prices of homes.

As to flights, Norwegian has a bunch of routes going to Canada from Europe at around $200 with that being Canadian dollars. They don’t fly to Toronto but rather Hamilton which is around 1-hour away from Toronto with Uber to Toronto being around $90. However, the Candian transport system is built pretty well and you can actually get to Toronto from Hamilton without any major struggles with public transport. Although that will take longer.

Home prices are a bit steep in Toronto, with most Airbnb homes being basement homes which aren’t ideal, but HomeExchange is a great platform worth looking at when it comes to that if you have a home and are okay with strangers staying in yours.

Is Toronto Worth a Visit?

Here’s the thing, ultimately it’s not the places you go to that matter but the people that you meet there, and frankly while Toronto isn’t the prettiest city we ever visited, it has incredible people which do make it worth it in our opinion.

With that said, if you love nature, Iceland is still our biggest recommendation.

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