Web Summit Opening Night 2018 – Better Than Last Year?

Web Summit. It’s finally here. It opened last night with over 70,000 people including 30,000 women. The biggest conference for entrepreneurs in the world. Was the opening better than last year?

It for Sure Was Different

I mean, the stage looked pretty much the same with a slight difference in lighting. Paddy Cosgrave was still Paddy Cosgrave, but the format looked different. Last year you had an opening followed by groups of people heading out to pubs around Lisbon in groups they were assigned, and that was great. That’s not the case this year.

This year, talks were included with the opening.

Technically that made the Web Summit opening night 2018 more than just an opening night but did it make it better than last year.

Not quite.

The Ceremony Was Not near as Impressive as Last Year

web summit 2018 opening night is it worth it

Last year, I felt something inside me when the ceremony was happening. It was amazing. This year while it was still great, it wasn’t quite as spectacular.

Confetti was flying, but there wasn’t as much of it, and it wasn’t as colorful. You did have live drums of sorts though, but they could have mixed it a lot better with the confetti.

The First Talk Was Great, the Rest…

I love Web Summit but the choice of talkers for the opening night wasn’t fantastic.

The first one? Tim Berners-Lee.

The starter of the www.

Of course, standing ovation. We wouldn’t be here without him.

He had a message. That the internet needs a contract.

A balance between everything.

And it’s a complicated matter as if you give privacy then you can get rid of safety.

Tim is working on web contract that countries, companies, and people sign.

And the likes of Google and France already agreed to it.

That I liked. That was a good use of sending a message to an arena filled with entrepreneurs.

The rest of the talks?

To much words to make a talk be long enough.

We had somebody from Apple. We had somebody from the United Nations.

The talks were bad.

They didn’t have a powerful message. They didn’t have a powerful solution.

The environment was mentioned and women were mentioned a lot. A lot.

And that’s great, but you are talking about how Apple is spending money on x and has Apple Stores powered from clean energy. That’s great but it doesn’t make my life better. And while having women at conferences is great, I think it shouldn’t be about gender but overall trying to bring as many people possible here, because that’s what matters.

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