Why You Should Visit Greece in Summer! And a Few Things to Know!

Are you wondering why you should visit Greece this Summer? I’ve been there for two weeks before Summer started just to write this post. Most of these posts are written by people that never visited Greece and copied other posts, created a cycle of mediocre posts, I’ve been there. And I learned a lot! Both in terms of why you should visit Greece this summer as well as about things you should know.

Why you should visit Greece

The trip started with Athens, went onto Tinos, and finished in Paros. And let’s start with a few things that you need to know first before you even visit.

The Metro Is Mostly Modern, but It Sucks

Athens Metro Greece

I’ve been in metros in Lisbon, Prague, London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Lyon, and Milan, and while the Athens metro is not bad, it’s complicated, and not because it’s that big but because the markings on it are so bad. You don’t know where to go.

Especially when you arrive at the airport.

Do Not Bring Just Cards

My advice is not to ever just bring cards for payment, but in Greece, especially. The metro machine? It did not accept money or even €20 notes.

Most places whether in Athens or on the islands did not accept card or had some problem operating it. It always took a lot of time, and people often did not know how to operate them. Once I even got free coffee due to that.

If you hate cash, this is something to consider if wondering if you should visit Greece this summer.

Now, let’s get into the reasons behind why you should visit Greece this summer!

Great Beaches That Are Never Too Packed

Both Athens, as well as the islands Tinos and Paros, have great beaches. Warm water. Volleyball nets. Very well maintained. The cleanest I have ever seen. Oh and there’s plenty of bars and restaurants around meaning that you can chill all day.

Beaches in Greece why you should visit Greece this summer

The problem with Athens was that the beaches were often more so resorts and required a payment of around €5, which was weird at first as I never paid for access to a beach before, but at the end of the day, It was a very positive experience. We got sunbeds with a nice umbrella which turned useful not just for the sun as it also started raining. And we didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing our items.

Greece beaches why you should visit Greece

The best beaches though? On the islands. And not the one nearest to the ports but the one you had to drive to. They were often more isolated but still had bars. And they often offered a much better experience.

Greece beaches why should you visit Greece this summer

Are you wondering why you should visit Greece this Summer, and want to be near the beach? Instead of going to Athens, visit one of the islands for that. If you want adventures, go to Paros. If you love more chilled and peaceful vibes, go to Tinos. Of course, there’s a lot of these islands, so you have plenty of other choices, but those two are affordable and offer a lot. Especially Tinos. It’s rarely mentioned in any guides but is amazing!

Buses are around but they often limit you in terms of where they go, and what time you have to return, and with you, generally comes 50 people at the same time. Oh, and they are quite expensive. I paid €4.20 per person to get to a beach in Tinos. The bus arrived there at 12. The last bus was then leaving at 3 meaning that I had less than 3 hours to enjoy myself, and had to pay €8.40 per person overall.

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Meanwhile, a quad only cost €20 per day. Of course, petrol or fuel also costs, but you get around much further on a quad than anywhere else, and the reason you should take a quad over a car is that you can’t really experience the landscapes as well in a car as in a quad, it’s just not the same.

Being on a quad adds to the adventure.

If you are wondering on why you should visit Greece but also what to do once you get there, just driving in the quad by itself is an attraction!


I don’t have food that I would call my favorite, but now, I think I do. Souvlaki is a seasoned piece of meat often mixed with a few vegetables on a stick served with chips and tzatziki, and gosh, it’s incredible. If done right, it is absolutely incredible.


Tinos was my favorite place for it. I won’t lie, Paros disappointed me in terms of that dish, but Tinos did an incredible job. Athens was great too!

Incredibly Cheap

Eastern Europe is cheap. Portugal is cheap. Anything else in Europe? Em, not so cheap. In Greece? Let’s just say that the Souvlaki meal was under €10 in almost every single restaurant, even at beaches. Where in Europe do you get dinner for that much?

Eating fish is an also great thing to do while there since it’s so cheap and you will never get fresh fish at a price they offer in Greece. If you are wondering why you should visit Greece and love food while also being on a budget, here’s your answer.

Amazing People

I’ve been to more than 14 countries since summer of 2017.  I met a lot of nice people. Lisbon was the best for nice people, but I’m not so sure anymore. Greece is on the same level, if not better.

Extremely nice people.

In Tinos, I got the best Airbnb service ever with the owner driving us from and to the port. In Athens, we got snacks for free after ordering coffee and juice. And these were not the sometimes included free snacks. In Tinos, we got free coffee, when the guy didn’t have a machine for card payments.

And trips are always so much better when people are friendly and are actually genuine. Perhaps they watched Gary Vaynerchuk and learned about it from him!

Plenty of Cats

cats in Greece

I’m not a fan of cats on my experience of them in Ireland. In Greece? They were cutie pies.

And they were pretty much everywhere.

On the beach. In shops. On shelves.

Cute companions.

If you love cats and are wondering about why you should visit Greece this summer, that is perhaps a reason!

Rich History

Athens Acropolis why visit Greece
Yes. It was raining moments before.

Greece has a rich history that goes back far longer than a lot of countries. Acropolis of Athens is a great example of such. It does cost about €20 per person, but it’s well worth the experience. Although, currently, they are renovating a lot of the well-preserved objects, and if you are looking for some great pictures, you will have to do it at an angle.

A Must See in Tinos

Tinos, an island that is not talked about has an unusual attraction. In the village of Tinos in Tinos, there is a pelican. And it walks around just like us. Everyday.

Pelican why you should visit Greece

A Must See in Paros

Parikia is a village in Paros, and it has a very interesting thing that you can do at night. An Outdoor cinema.

cina Rex Greece why you should visit Greece Paros

With the warm Greek climate, that makes a lot of sense, and damn, what an experience that was! So much better than watching indoors.

The audio was still great. The brightness of the movie was still great. Oh, and it only costs €7 per person. Snacks are insanely cheap too. Oh, and if you get cold, you can borrow a blanket or blankets.

Great for cuddles.

Oh, and lastly, there are much fewer ads shown.

It’s called Cine Rex, and if you are around, you will love it!

Why You Should Visit Greece This Summer

why visit Greece this summer

There’s plenty of reasons, and there’s plenty of places to visit, and while most trips will make you happy, if you are on a budget but are looking for great weather and an adventure, Greece is worth checking out!

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